iShell Custom Healing Abutment

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Create an immediate custom healing abutment with the new iShell from Vulcan. The iShell allows you to quickly create a more natural tissue emergence at the time of implant placement or uncovering. Developed by some of the top Prosthodontists in implant dentistry, the iShell will save time and avoid restorative complications that commonly occur in the esthetic zone.

Ordering Information:

1. Log in to your Vulcan account online

2. Choose Group "Custom iShell"

3. Choose product:
- iShell for Custom Healer, Sites 5 & 12
- iShell for Custom Healer, Sites 6 & 11
- iShell for Custom Healer, Sites 7 & 10
- iShell for Custom Healer, Sites 8 & 9

4. Order PEEK abutment separately from BioHorizons or other implant company

"iShell gingival sleeves help surgeons quickly create custom, anatomically accurate healing abutments to differentiate themselves from the crowd."

Dr. Stephen J. Chu

— Dr. Stephen J. Chu